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Around Greek Island of Corfu

Another expedition was a trip around the Greek island of Corfu with my friend Michael. Preparing for the trip, I was sure that the island is characterized by flat terrain. Unfortunately, on the spot it turned out quite the opposite :) It was as mountainous as it was flat. The whole expedition was a very valuable experience. We managed to go around the entire island in just 3 days. As for the pluses of this place, first of all, beautiful views, sandy beaches, clear blue water, good weather as well as delicious food. As for the downsides are not quite good quality roads and, for me, slightly too high temperature. The end of the trip was very successful.

Day I, Pantokrator, distance 118 km

On the first day we went to Corfu's highest peak, Pantokrator (906 meters above sea level). We started with local tourist attractions, viewpoints, the old town. Particularly memorable for me was the vantage point at the local airport where, in uncharacteristic natural circumstances, we could admire planes landing in Corfu. Then we went along the eastern part of the coast, from where we could admire the mountainous areas of Albania and Greece. Climbing Pantokrator was challenging, the hot aura was not spoiling, plus I had a broken front derailleur and could only use a higher gear ratio which was a slight hindrance for me. Climbing Pantokrator was worth it, however. From the top itself you could enjoy beautiful views practically all around the island including the mountainous areas of Albania or mainland Greece. We practically spent the entire day on the bike. The whole trip lasted about 14 h.

Day II, Chalikouna Beach, 47 km

On the second day, on the advice of the hotel owner, we went to the southern part of the island towards Lake Korrison and Chalikouna Beach where we could admire the unspoiled areas of Corfu. There are various species of birds at the lake, and the place itself is a paradise for ornithologists. Here you can see, among other things, flamingos. We used the time at the beach to relax, on the way back we stopped for lunch at a restaurant next to the lake, where we spent several hours talking and enjoying the food.

Day 3, Kassiopi, White House, Cape Drastis, Canal d'Amour, 7th Heaven - 142 km

The third day was the best day during my stay in Corfu full of beautiful sights and attractions, wonderfully spent time, many emotions and great satisfaction. We started our

journey began in the direction of Kassiopi, a fishing village located in the prosperous northeastern part of Corfu. On the way, we stopped by the home of English poet Lawrence Durell, who settled here with his family in 1923. We then headed towards the 3 capes: Cape Drastis, Canal d'Amour and Agios Stefanos. All of them were remarkable. Around Cape Drastis we went to the restaurant and viewpoint of 7th Heaven. However, it was unfortunately very windy. On the way back we had to climb a few more mountain passes before reaching the hotel. We spent more than 14 hours on the bike. However, it was well worth it.

I remember the time spent in Corfu very well. I will undoubtedly return there again someday.


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