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Cycling in Croatia - the pearl of the Adriatic Sea

Croatia is a very popular holiday destination for many Poles. Beautiful pebbly beaches, blue water and winding roads among picturesque landscapes. All this makes it an ideal destination for both gravel (with caution, more than 40% of the country is still mined after the war) and road biking in addition to vacationing, and it attracts crowds of tourists every year.

Practically every year I try to be in the country also called the Pearl of the Adriatic and I am in love with the place. Every time, of course, I take my bike to indulge in cycling expeditions between relaxing on the beach and blissful laziness. The region I go to most often is the South Dalmatia region, more specifically Makarska and its neighboring minor towns along the coastline with fabulous views.

A major attraction in the region is Mount Sveti Jure, Sveti Jure - a 1762-meter-high peak in the Biokovo range of the Dinaric Mountains. The highest point in Biokovo and the second-highest mountain in Croatia. Located near the Adriatic coast, not far from Makarska. There is a beautiful observation deck on the mountain itself, from which a spectacular view of the entire region spreads.

However, when we want to go to a more peaceful place away from the exhaust fumes of cars and the hustle and bustle of the city, I recommend getting through the Sveti Juraj tunnel (by car) to the village of Zagvozd and from there in any direction. The roads on the other side of Sveti Jura are in perfect condition, and the traffic itself is practically nonexistent. I strongly recommend choosing this direction. The second option is the route towards Medjugorie in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, remember to take your passport with you as Bosnia and Herzegovina is outside the European Union.

The second destination I often chose in Croatia before I discovered the Makarska region was Zadar and the surrounding towns. This region is closer to Poland and is characterized by flat terrain. There are also a lot of attractions around the town itself, such as the island of Pag, among others.

In summary, Croatia has become a permanent cycling destination for me and I sincerely recommend it to everyone.


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